Where Entrepreneurs and Angels Meet

Inspired by the growing field of angel investments and the desire to bring brilliant ideas to life, AngelTank strives to help talented entrepreneurs realize their dreams

AngelTank is a for-profit philanthropic organization that seeks to help early stage technology companies and ideas grow through financial support and advisory roles. With its technical expertise, knowledgeable and successful advisors, and invaluable business connections, AngelTank seeks to add value to growing companies in the technical field.

What We Do

As angel investors, AngelTank invests in businesses within the technological field in an effort to bring a connected and diversified approach to its current endeavors.

More specifically, AngelTank focuses on web application development, especially when targeting the marketing and marketing research industry. Investments typically involve innovative start-ups which demonstrate market opportunity and promising returns. AngelTank believes strongly that financial support is only one part of building a successful business. AngelTank’s seasoned board members seek to impart their experience and expertise in order to build a strong foundation for a successful and growth oriented company.